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Système de Contrôle de Seringue

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A portable device for compounding in a sterile and non-sterile environment . Designed for large sizes of 30 ml and 60 ml syringes. ( compatible with syringes of company BD only ).

Makes compouding more easier and more acccurate. Reduces the risk of injury and tendonitis associated with repetitive handling of large sizes syringes. Allows increased concentration on the part of the user during compounding.

With the latest generation battery, SCS01 is portable and lightweight. Capable to operate for several hours in continuous mode before needing to recharge the battery.

Its high precision allows to make compouding with volume to the nearest decimal. An LCD shows all steps of the course of compoundind in real-time.

Intuitive and easy to use. Programs specific to different tasks of compounding are available to assist the user.

Video: SCS01
Produced by
Claude Guillemette

Thanks to
École des métiers des Faubourgs-de-Montréal
Mrs Nathalie Simard  (Assistant Director)
Mrs Nathalie Bellemare  (pharmacy technician teacher)

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